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3 Sam/Will (one of which is sort of a manip)

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Edited to add: I also made some in October, they can be found here.
Title: Two Campaign Stops, Three Interviews, and a Haberdashery in Guam
Author: pocky_slash
Rating: PG
Prompt: Will and Bingo Bob end up in CA the same time as Josh and Santos. Congressman Sam is there as well, and getting a little tired of his boyfriend and his best friend trying to force him to come on board for their respective candidates.
Summary: On a campaign stop in California, Will learns the real reason why Sam hasn't endorsed Russell or Santos, and it's not an answer he's entirely ready to hear.
Notes: It's still March 1 somewhere, right? Um, unbetaed. Feel free to point out mistakes/inconsistencies/whatever. The ending kind of sucks, but I wrote the whole thing from scratch this morning, so yay?

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Title: Anywhere But In Between
Author: inocciduous
Rating: PG13
Prompt: Sam helps Will through any of the events of any S7 episode. Although, I really kind of didn't follow it.
Summary: Transitions all around!
Notes: This kind of turned into a what-if - Sam actually says no to Josh in Transitions. Also, this is unbetaed (*shameface*) so feel to point out any errors or inconsistencies.

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Whoops! Posting guildlines!

Um, forgot all about this!

Please post your story to the community with the following subject:

[fic (or art] Title - author - rating

And the following header:

Notes: (The notes are optional.)

Sorry, justdreaming88, your post reminded me! If you wouldn't mind editing, I'd appreciate it.

(I told you guys from the start that I'm like, the worst mod ever XD)


Title: Tempting Fate
Author: Claire (justdreaming88)
Rating: G
Prompt: Sam goes to Oregon the day Will wins his seat in Congress.
Summary: Sam stands for a moment torn between shaking Will's hand or just reaching out and hugging him. Beta read by rightxhere

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Beta request


I need a beta... I know it's last minute.... but my usual has lost internet connection and I need a little feedback.

Anyone willing to help ??

obligatory panicked commiseration post

So, raise your hand if you're not done yet.


One week!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that the sam_will_stuff Fic Thingy stories are due in just six days! That's Sunday, March 1.

Are you guys excited? I'm excited! On Saturday, February 28, I'm going to put up a last minute panic post, mostly because inocciduous suggested it and it sounds fun. You can post your story from any point after midnight on March 1, EST.

And, really, if you don't get it done for March 1, you can post it whenever you finish it. But it's more fun if we all post at once, right? It's like Christmas, or the gift-giving holiday of your choice!

The weekend of March 6/7/8 we're going to do an informal drabble thingy. Which will hopefully not just be me writing drabbles by myself for seventy-two hours.


Two weeks!

Hello, internet!

This is your handy two week reminder that the end of the sam_will_stuff ficathon thingy is Sunday, March 1.

There's still plenty of time to claim a prompt if you haven't yet, claim another one if you've finished your first story, or ask any questions. If you'd like to switch your prompt, that is also okay! I am pretty flexible.

If you need a beta reader, you can either post to the community or ask in the comments of this entry. Conversely, if you'd like to beta for someone, check the community and the comments of this post as the night goes on.

On February 28 I'm going to put up a last-minute-panic post for last minute read-throughs and beta reading and flailing. So, that will be fun, too.


Prompt Claiming Post + Rules!

Ladies and gentlemen! (Gentleman?) The moment you've all been waiting for! (And by "you all" I clearly mean "me," but hopefully some of you have been waiting as well!) This is the prompts claim post for sam_will_stuff. It is pretty self-explanatory, but I figured I'd explain it anyway, just in case.

Below the cut, I have the prompts listed and separated into two(ish) sections. First are canon prompts, followed by AU prompts. The AU prompts themselves are kind of separated as well. The ones closest to the top are the closest to canon. As they get further down, they start to diverge more.

The prompts are numbered. To claim a prompt, comment to this entry with the prompt number. We are starting off with only two claims per prompt because there are so few of us, but if someone else claims the prompt that you wanted, there's an easy fix! Write two stories! You see, after the first round of prompt-claiming, the prompts are free and open to everyone! Once you write one 500 word story, you can go back and make any other additional claims you want, regardless of how many people have previously claimed a particular prompt.

Prompt claiming goes from now until whenever. If you claim a prompt on February 28th that you feasibly could write by March 1, that is totally okay. Also, only the first story you write has to be 500 words. After that, they can be as short as you'd like. You are also more than welcome to do icons/art! Really! We would like that :)

Please don't post your story to the community until March 1. We're going on the honor system as far as claiming more prompts go, because I trust you guys. We'll post everything all at once on March 1 and it will be wonderful and lovely. I promise. What you CAN feel free to post to the community about is calls for beta readers, questions about canon, et cetera. There are only fourteen of us, so this probably won't be too heavy a burden.

Finally, I know some of you are wary of claiming a prompt because you're not sure if you can write Sorkin (you can!) or if you can finish (you can!) or other things like that. There is no penalty for claiming a prompt and not finishing your story by the deadline. So claim one anyway! Try it out! If you don't think you can finish, at least you tried and you'll be here to cheer everyone else on. If you think you can finish, just not by March 1, post it whenever you're done with it! We are anxious for any Sam/Will stuff here, even if it's a little late.


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