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Today, January 21, is the last day to post prompts for sam_will_stuff. You can post them here. We have about forty already (which is great for a community of fourteen!) but I think you guys might have a few more in you. Anything you want!

Also, there is still a post up here for you to get to know each other. Not mandatory by any means, but have fun with it.

Finally, here's a quick review of the schedule for the thingy:
January 23: At some point, I will put up the prompt claiming post. Start with one, and you are more than welcome to go back and claim as many as you want following that. Remember, one of your stories has to be over 500 words. After that, they can be as short as you want (or as long as you want!) and you can also do art and stuff. Whatever, I am flexible, obviously.

March 1: Stories are due! All of them! If you need an extension, I will probably give it to you. I'm pretty nice.

March 7-8: Drabble fest! More information on that to come. Once I, you know, make it up.

Anyway, I'm totally psyched that we're up to fourteen members (and fifteen watchers!) because I really thought the community was going to top off at about eight.


Mingling Post!

(First off, we are still collecting prompts! Right over here! Submit as many as you want! Anything you can think of! Really!)

So, I think most ficathons probably don't have a post wherein everyone mingles and makes friends, but I think we've already established that this isn't like most other ficathons, if only because I am running it and I have no idea what I am doing.

But I had neurotictealeaf over at my place yesterday and we spent pretty much the whole day fangirlling Sam and Will and I couldn't help but think about how nice it was to babble endlessly about Sam/Will without people looking at me like I was crazy. I would like to make this a community in the traditional sense of the word, so i thought it would be nice if we could mingle a little. Introduce ourselves, comment to other people, get a sense of what everyone wants out of this ficathon thingy.

That last one is mostly for me.

But this is completely optional. Just some questions that you can choose to answer if you have the time. Feel free to use this post to get to know each other and see what people's reading and writing tastes are. You can ask questions, nose around for a beta reader, or whatever.

I don't know, like the rest of the ficathon, this is something of an experiment. I feel like this is a small enough group (and an AWESOME enough group!) that I can get a little creative.

All that aside, here are some suggested questions:
Name or Alias:
General-ish location-ish:
Have you written Sam/Will before?
If so, what would you say is your favorite S/W fic that you've written?
What's your favorite that someone else has written?
What's your favorite shippy moment in canon?
Other fandoms:
Anything else you want to tell us about yourself?
Would you be interested in doing a weekend drabble fest either the weekend prompts go out or the weekend after stories are due?***

I will start below :)

***Try to answer at least this one :D

Prompt Post

This is the post for prompt collection. Leave prompts in the comments. Please put each prompt in a separate comment. I know that's a pain in the butt, but it will make my life easier in about a week and a half :)

Prompts can be as detailed or as general as you'd like. You can even tack on what other pairings you'd like to see. Also, there's no limit to how many you can submit!

If you have an AU or a crossover prompt, please designate it as so, like this:

(Crossover: TWW/Psych) After Sam's life is threatened on a campaign stop, the police get involved and bring on a supposed psychic who sees more going on between the candidate and his former campaign manager than is strictly proper. (If you can make it Shawn/Gus as well, that would be great!)

(AU) Sam is an animal trainer and Will has an unruly dachshund.

Anyway, have fun!



Welcome to sam_will_stuff, a community for Sam/Will... um, stuff.

You have to bear with me, folks, I've never run a full-on fanfiction fest thingy before, so I'm kind of flying by the seat of my pants. I do love Sam/Will, though, and I am hoping that my love will get me through this relatively unscathed.

Or, at least, scathed mildly enough that I can limp away in the aftermath XD

Anyway, this is how the collection of stuff is going to work:

January 9 - January 21: Collection of prompts!
For the week and a half above, a post will be put up where anyone can post prompts for the fest-thing. Anyone. You don't have to plan on writing or arting to submit prompts! Any Sam/Will story or art that you'd like to see can be submitted. Over the course of that week or so, I'll collect them in one post in some sort of order that I will make up as I go along.

January 23: Prompt claiming!
Starting January 23, people can claim prompts they'd like to write. We'll start off with one claim per person, but once you've written a story of 500 words or more, you're welcome to claim other prompts. Only your first story has to be 500+ words. The rest of them can be as short as you would like.

March 1: Posting!
On March 1, people will post their stories to the community. One story per post, with a header that will be provided once we get closer to the deadline. Then we can all comment and gush. It will be awesome!

But I am confused, Kait! I have questions!Collapse )

Well, thanks for reading guys, and I hope you'll choose to participate. Please. Please participate.

Pretty please?